The market of LED lighting (LED lighting) continues to grow both in Ukraine and around the world. This trend is typical for both domestic and domestic use, as well as for street lighting, as well as lighting in the segment of commercial and industrial real estate. This is facilitated, among other things, by reducing the cost of LED technology. Affordability increases demand from both the population and the state - increasing the number of installed LED lights along the roads.

Almost all products presented on the Ukrainian market are of Chinese origin. Local companies assemble lighting equipment from purchased imported LEDs. The structure of procurement in 2020 was dominated by lamps for interior lighting, ceiling. At the same time, the basis for export deliveries was street lighting - more than 85% in monetary terms. Exports also include other specific (and expensive) equipment - ship floodlights, floodlights for construction equipment and more.

The market volume in 2021-2022 will depend, in particular, on the following factors:

The pace of residential and non-residential construction, activity in the residential real estate market (repairs in purchased apartments)
Financing of budget organizations (schools, hospitals, Ukravtodor)
Energy efficiency programs
Crisis phenomena associated with quarantine measures (reduction of companies, including construction, reduction of lighting production due to reduction of factories)
Changes in inflation, exchange rates and real incomes.